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User can not add anything to site or can not make changes in site. Site content may not be distributed, marketed, reprinted or used for any commercial purpose by users. INSPARK and third parties and entities reserve the right to apply for legal remedies where users have done any of the above.

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It is made up of general information and is not intended to meet the needs of a private person, institution or third person.
There is no agreement between INSPARK and site users.
It does not give any warrant of the performance of products and services.
It does not have to be current, extensive or accurate.
It is not a professional opinion or any advice.

Risk and Responsibility
Although INSPARK tries to protect its systems and software against computer viruses or programs called “Trojans” and the like (“viruses”), it is not responsible for computer and system damage caused by people or organizations navigating this site or downloading material from the site.

Site hacking, viruses, trojan horses, etc. by people, institutions and organizations using the site or benefiting from the site. Illegal acts that violate the systems by means of methods that infringe the systems by means of methods that infringe on the names, trademarks and copyrights of third persons or which constitute a violation of the law in any way INSPARK reserves the right to remove such content, to temporarily stop access to the site, to seek legal remedies, and to request compensation for the actions of such actions if the contents are blocked on site or access to the site is prevented by unlawful methods.

As a result of the actions listed above, INSPARK does not have any liability for any damages incurred by third party users or third parties. Risks and liabilities arising from use of the site belong exclusively to the user.

Your Personal Details
INSPARK is subject to Turkish legislation on the subject of information security and is used for business purposes such as the marketing of related products and services by INSPARK in any form (questionnaire, competition, campaign participation, form filling etc.) collected on this site. You agree that INSPARK may use such personal data when sending data to INSPARK.

(I) Provide information about products and services that may be relevant to you;
(II) to conduct market research;
(III) You will keep and use this information (and any other information you may have acquired over time) now and in the future in order to provide the products and services specified.

In addition, INSPARK may disclose this information to other companies for the above purposes. The agency to be assigned by INSPARK or INSPARK can use your phone number to call you for the marketing of products, in particular. If you do not want INSPARK to continue using the information, please contact INSPARK via the contact information provided above.
Automatic Collection of Non-Personal Data:

Non-personal information about you can be collected automatically as you use the site (for example, the internet browser you use when you enter the site). Such information does not provide information about your identity; But these log files kept for statistical purposes help in developing the site in INSPARK. (For example, see which pages are popular and which are not). When you visit the site, this information can be automatically stored on your computer using small programs called “cookies”. Thanks to “cookies” you do not have to reset the information every time you enter the site. In this way, your privacy will not be violated in any way and you can block “cookies” if you so desire.

Links to Other Sites
INSPARK may from time to time link to other sites in its own site, including other INSPARK partners. These links are provided for the benefit of users. INSPARK is not responsible for the contents of the linked sites (and the content of other sites linked to by those sites). Also personal information collected in these sites is not INSPARK’s responsibility. Links to other sites on this site do not necessarily mean that INSPARK has approved these sites.
For their own safety, users should read the terms of use of other sites on this site.

INSPARK may amend the terms of use of the site at any time, without notice or notice. The amendments supersede the above terms of use. When changes are made, users will be subject to new terms of use. That is why it is recommended to visit this page regularly.

If any provision of these terms of use is found to be invalid or unenforceable, any provision which is invalid or unenforceable shall be replaced by a provision which is closest, valid and enforceable for the purpose of the original judgment, and the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

Prohibition of Waiver
The failure of INSPARK to enforce any portion of these conditions of use does not imply that INSPARK will waive such conditions of use for any person’s past or future actions. The reliance of INSPARK on the actions of INSPARK does not imply any waiver of such use. Only a clear and written disclaimer signed by an authorized representative of INSPARK is legally binding.

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