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Ensure your customers have an excellent financial services experience with seamless functionality.

4EFEX is a hybrid cloud-based mobile process software designed specifically for the financial services sector. It provides a comprehensive package that caters to all the requirements of financial services companies like car rental, fintechs, coupon management etc., making the entire process more manageable and streamlined. With 4EFEX, companies can carry out various processes such as sales, renewal, contract, quotation, and pricing under a single roof, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.
Provide full-scope process management
Provide full-scope process management in vehicle leasing with 4EFEX.
The project aims to cater to the needs of companies that prefer renting cars, by providing a comprehensive solution that covers all stages from initial customer contact to contract approval. 4EFEX offers a complete lifecycle and reporting feature that facilitates the entire process of making new offers and contracts for new customers, as well as renewing the contracts of existing customers at the end of their term.
Fast tracking and instant data management.
Thanks to the project, complex processes such as vehicle segmentation, field staff movements, and their ability to respond to immediate demand, automating contract outputs, and sharing them with customers, processing approval mechanisms step by step, selecting customizable parts for vehicles and rental services, making and finalizing price studies, are now all available under a single roof. 4EFEX offers many advantages and innovations, such as a pricing engine that works according to the inputs of field sales staff, easy sharing of contract texts with customers, and a web-based mobile interface.
Fast tracking and instant data management.
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About Us
About Us

Our company, Inspark Intelligent Business Solutions, was established in London in 1990. We implemented ERP solutions in the past and then started implementing customer-oriented solutions. Our main tool is the Salesforce.com Platform for our projects.

During our implementation projects, we realized some challenges when Manufacturing companies engage with their customers, especially when they produce order-based. Usually, the engagement is generally around problems.

What We Do?
What We Do?

Our software integrates ABM and SFA functionalities to streamline B2B marketing interactions. We provide a comprehensive solution that manages all sales processes, starting from marketing channels. Our solution is ideal for companies offering flexible or customized order-based design services.

The most crucial aspect of such sales activities is the quoting process. Our solution includes configurations that respond to customers' flexible needs, enabling companies to generate accurate quotes quickly and efficiently.

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